Corporate Social Responsibility


As a large group of companies, we understand that it is our responsibility to use our power and resources to impact social change through our corporate social responsibility.  We acknowledge the triple bottom line framework (people, planet, and profit) as a guide to continuously evaluate our performance in a holistic perspective to create greater business value that takes into account our impact on the community and the planet we live on. In alignment with this commitment, we have created two subsidiaries to tackle prominent environmental issues in Qatar; Seashore Waste Management and Seashore Recycling.  Through these subsidiaries, we implement initiatives and offer solutions such as carbon-free waste management practices and incorporating innovative and productive recycling options carried out by highly qualified and skilled consultancy services. To make it accessible for clients to get on board, our waste management and recycling solutions are also cost-effective while still greatly emphasizing the profoundly considered strategies and policies which we stand by today, those being the 3R Concept; Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. These policies aim to work on creating proper waste disposal in line with waste streams and in total compliance with rules and regulations put in place by Qatar Municipality, Ministry Of Environment, and other government agencies. We hold an incredibly undeniable degree of responsibility in leading the way for an extensive assortment of environmentally friendly and ethical waste management and recycling solutions to not only our clients but to all the residents of Qatar. With the goal of creating a clean and safe environment with minimized waste for all, we aim to uphold the necessary standards for going green in our practices. We are aware of the large platform and power we possess. Through education, awareness, innovation, and collective growth, Seashore is consistently promoting our devotion and responsibility in making a large impact to contribute towards a greener future for Qatar. Our work towards this goal does not end with these two subsidiaries, Seashore Group aims to build more to further tackle rising issues within communities in Qatar.