Seashore WELL GREEN is a fully automated system to manage your Wet/Organic/Food/Garden Waste

The most revolutionary Wet Waste Management System, Seashore WELL GREEN a unique Design & Technology makes most advanced solution for your Waste Management needs with Highest Grade of Material and state of the art automation systems integrated in a single unit. Seashore WELL GREEN is a product conceptualized, design & manufactured in Qatar & technology partner by ISOKLIN FINE CHEM a leading expert in Waste Management and an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certified organization. The ISOKLIN Group has been in the field of Non-Recyclable Plastic Waste Management, Waste & Water Treatment Solution, Oil Recycling Products, Sewage Treatment, Energy Saving Equipment’s, Solar Projects &  Municipal Waste Management  for over 8 years.


Seashore WELL GREEN is a fully automated system to manage your Wet/Organic/Food/Garden Waste at site through the most labor free, energy efficient, space efficient process. Some of the unique features of WELL GREEN include:

  • Convert Food and Garden Waste to Soil amendment within 24 hours
  • No Odor, No Pests, No Curing, No Mess
  • Inbuilt Shredder with Hardened 4140 Alloy Steel blades
  • Dual Feed Inletsthrough Shredder as well as direct Inlet for item which do not require shredding & inspection purpose and also for easy operation and maintenance
  • Inbuilt Shredderreduces power consumption and manual labor requirement
  • Fully automated Touch ScreenPLC based automated Feed & Forget System
  • Soil Moisture Sensing and Management technology to avoid burning of waste
  • Auto Power Saving modeon process completion
  • Insulated jacket heatingto enable even heating and avoid spot heating and burning
  • Auto shut off in case inlet or outlet doors opened mid process for safety
  • UniqueAgitator Damage Protection design
  • Complete SS-304 Outer body, Structures and All Wet Contact Parts in FSS model
  • Most Compact machine in the Industry
  • Only 1-2 man-hours required per day.