Seashore Waste Management


Seashore Waste Management Division offers many cleaning services for domestic, commercial and industrial clients.

Tank Cleaning, Chemical Transfer & Dewatering Services:

We offer integrated and comprehensive tank/pit/pipe/drain cleaning services and other industrial cleaning services meeting all regulatory requirements. We provide chemical transfer and dewatering services.

Our dewatering unit, centrifugal sludge separator, ultra-high pressure hydro jetting machine, industrial vacuum tanker and super sucker provide cost-contained solutions. We treat a variety of both hazardous and non-hazardous waste streams such as tank bottoms, hydrocarbon sludge, catalyst, biomass, dirt, etc. Seashore Waste Management Division possesses expertise and experienced crews and offers latest technology for “In Tank” sludge reduction, non-entry cleaning and three phase processing of removed residues at site.


Seashore Waste Management Division provides services to utilize a large range of special equipment to carry out industrial cleaning of storm water, sewer, grease, industrial drains and gas lines and potable water lines ranging from diameters of 50mm to any bigger size.

Our specialized state-of-the-art equipment remove a variety of materials such as tree roots, grease, bacterial cultures, deposits, drain skins, sediments, filtrates, incrustations, organic fouling, oxide layers, coatings systems, sludge, cement slurry, debris, silt, scale etc. from every drains and sewer systems. Using our fleet in combination with vacuum/drain cleaning units is a superior way of removing unwanted materials (grit, silt, sludge) from drainage system without confined space entry. Silt and grit removal, transport and disposal from sewer carriers, wet wells, digesters, and fermentation tanks are carried out using our fleet of vacuum loaders or combination, vacuum/drain cleaning units.


Seashore Waste Management Division provides services to clean sludge deposits which contains different variety of chemical components generated in oil & gas and petrochemical industries. We provide tailor made solution for clients and customers that seek removal of sludge and cleaning of holding tank. Seashore holds state of the art technology and equipment to fulfill such requirements.


Truck chassis mounted sophisticated equipment, used for the suction of sewage wastes from sewers, for the high pressure cleaning of ducts and pipes for the suction of sludge, dry and solid materials and for the transportation Ultramodern, flexible and reliable technology supports and ease the operation, fixed internal wall or movable wall; two external water tanks a wide range of vacuum pumps; a wide range of triplex plungers high pressure pumps. The mechanical transmission permits to drive the high pressure pump and the vacuum pump completely separate from each other or at the same time, utilizing the truck’s own PTO or the special. The upper suction hose reel is equipped with a telescopic, adjustable in height and swiveling boom designed on the same axle vehicle offers the best solution for the removal via vacuum of sludge sewage, industrial residue and liquid wastes from ducts, sewers and sewage plants, as well as for the transport of this material.

Combined tankers, jetting Tankers and suction tankers specially designed for Industrial cleaning, Sewerage Networks, Surface Water Networks and cleaning wet wells as well as treatment plant area, and other sewer corrosive media.