Seashore Stevedoring Services

Our Services at a Glance


Seashore Stevedoring services has been recognized as Qatars leading stevedoring companies in the Rass laffan port operation for several years now. We combine the right balance of trained and experienced crews, standard tools and accessories to ensure smooth operation. Our services are in line with all safety and quality precautions. We can mobilize skilled workers on permanent and call off basis. All our resources are certified and trained from leading training institutes in Qatar.

  • Well trained Stevedoring crews
  •  Experienced and trained Stevedoring crews available for 24 X 7
  • Handing all project cargos to destination
  •  An array of certified riggers, Supervisors winch operators, banks man and tally clerks.
  • Own fleet to transport goods to their destination 
  • Standby crew to cater call off services 
  • Cargo handling 
  • Irrespective of weight, size, volume and length
  • Quality and safety assurance
  • Tools and accessories for Lifting
  • Accessories for lifting, lashing and unlashing operations
  • Multinational working crews