Seashore Motor Rewinding

Seashore Motor Rewinding Division has perfected the process to rewind AC & DC motors, assuring exceptional repair and rebuild. A properly planned and executed motor rewind will cause no efficiency loss in electric motors, but you may see improvements in power density, reliability and overall efficiency thanks to leading equipment and practices that your GES certified technician will use. Your rebuild and motor rewind may include some additional improvements you haven’t considered, such as upgrades to the latest resins and insulating tapes that can improve overall thermal dissipation, especially when working on older motors.
As a qualified service provider, we always ensure your rewound motor is brought back up to OEM standards and efficiency expectations. Giving you the best rewinding service for electric motors starts with a complete review to understand if there is any problem with your motor that you were unaware of during submission. If we discover anything, we’ll contact you right away with an updated quote and information on our concern. You must give us approval before any work is performed, so we are both in agreement for the final cost.

Generators Repairing

Seashore Motor Rewinding Division have been providing industrial solutions to customers in the Qatar. We have grown to become a diverse and efficient generator provider, offering a complete range of AC and DC generators. Strategically located in Al-khor, Qatar. Seashore Motor Rewinding markets both standard & innovative generators, services solutions to companies across the globe, with a strong focus on customized solutions for a wide range of engineering companies & large-scale projects. Our team of industrial designers & engineers will design a generator solution tailored to your needs. We will take a full evaluation of your exact requirements, carry out site surveys as required, and produce detailed reports, technology specifications and drawings to design a complete power solution.

Welding Machine Repairing

We are component level repair all Make and models of Automated Welding Machine, resistance welding, Robotic welding machine power source, Robotic controller, Robotic Power Sources, Automated plasma cutting systems and Power Supply

Submersible Pump Services

24-hour breakdown assistance

Design and Installation


Energy Efficient Solutions

Years of experience with all makes of Pump

Our engineers have been working with submersible pumps for many years and have a wealth of experience in dealing with all brands and models of pumps.  We have in-depth knowledge of Lowara, Grundfos, Pedrolla, TT Pumps, Flygt, ABS and many more.

Our engineers are qualified Confined Space Accredited.  With a full mechanical and electrical workshop, we are able to undertake all of the pump and motor repairs in-house.